How long do I have to wait until I can shower?


Depending on which product we apply, the typical set up time is 7-8 hours to achieve full color.  We also offer a product that can be washed off from 1 to 3 hours, however, the development time for the color is still 8 hours.


How long does the tan last?


The tan will last anywhere from 7 to 10 days.  To achieve a beautiful looking tan for the full 10 days we highly suggest the use of support products such as moisturizer and tan extender.  These products are specially formulated to work with our spray solutions and give amazing results.


Will I turn orange?


No one wants to be an oompa loompa.  That famed “orange look” is caused by a few different things.  Some Spray solutions have a high amount of DHA ( dihydroxyacetone), the ingredient that tints the skin to a tan color.  Your skin can only absorb so much DHA, and excessive amounts in spray solutions can create that orange tint.  Our products are top of the line, and will never leave you orange.


The other contributing factor to an orange appearance is the ingredients in your support products. Moisturizers sometimes have high levels of citrus and sulfates as part of the ingredients, these are bad!  Citrus and sulfates in products can cause an adverse effect with any spray tan.  Also, any thing with a strong fragrance can also have additives that can cause an orange tint.  Our advice is to stick to the products that are designed specifically to work with spray tan solutions.


Will it rub off on my clothes?


Typically you will see a small amount rub off on your clothes after you receive the service.  Any rub off you see in the first day before you shower is what we call guide color.  It is simply a bronzing agent used to ensure that our airbrushing artists can make your tan even and flawless.  We suggest wearing dark, loose fitting clothing to minimize the appearance of any color transfer onto your clothes.  The solutions are water soluble so any rub off will come out in the laundry cycle.  If you choose to sleep in the tan over night the same is true for bed sheets.


Can I shave my legs before the service?

We suggest that you shave your legs 24 hours before your service to give your pores enough time to tighten up.  If you have shaved the day of the service we can provide you with a stringent to dry and tighten up your skin cells to ensure a positive result.


Can I get a Manicure and Pedicure with a spray tan?


Yes, you can get a manicure or pedicure before your tanning service.  We apply barrier cream to the nails on your hands and feet to prevent any unwanted discoloration.  We do not advise scheduling a Pedicure after a tanning service because the feet soaking and calf massaging can strip the solution especially after a fresh application.  If it has been at least 1 day since your tanning service a pedicure will not ruin your tan.


Does a spray tan protect me from the sun?


A spray tan will not protect you from the sun.  There are varying views on this topic, but at SunGun we promote total skin health and safety.  The purpose of a spray tan is to give you the look of a beautiful tan without the harmful exposure to UV radiation.  We suggest to always wear sunscreen, SPF 30 minimum.  We carry sunblock which is aerosol and specifically designed to not damage your beautiful tan.  One bad sun burn can lead to skin cancer, so why risk it.


What do i wear during a spray tan?


During your spray tan you can wear a bathing suit, underwear and/or bra or go nude. Whatever is your comfort level! Know that whatever you choose to wear will leave you with those tan lines. For men, please understand that we do not tan men nude.





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